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What is the major service on machinetools007?
The major of machinetools007 is information service-provide on time market information on machinetools products. With 007, you could easily and quickly look for manufacturer and supplier, create fast connection, as well as collect industrial related new technology and information of trade fair.

What are the functions of machinetools007?
1: Layout: company introduction, products (some pictures), corporation culture, sales channel, contact information, etc.
2: Functions:
Bulletin board: provide user login or registration;
Home page: introduction the search category of machinetools products, new products promotion, and trade fair information;
About 007: detailed introduction of our company's website, as well as magazine;
Exhibition information: provide the basic information of trade fair we presented;
News: collecting latest industrial news, provide more information;
Manufacturer search: provide enterprises information and product information, categories for easy and fast searching;
Advertisement: design elegant web-ad pages for our customers. Style with beauty and simplify, our advertisement will send the information of your company and products to every corner around the world, easy, fast and precise.
Search help: give detailed introduction for the first time user about the functions of browsing and searching on customers and products.
Feed back: for service improvement, please leave your comments and contact information.

What is the objective of machinetools007?
Our website keeps the rule of practical and opening: provide customer and consumer with the information on machinetools products, fully covered and totally unbiased; meanwhile, provide more opportunities for machinetools products suppliers.

How to contact us(china)?
1. website:http://www.machinetools007.com
2. E-Mail: ap-magazine@126.com
3. Add: Yuehai Building, Rm. B-19A Nanhai Blvd., Nanshan District Shenzhen, China
4. Tel: 86-755-26471236(network Dept.)
5. Fax: 86-755-26471239

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