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Beginners' Guide

Step 1: registration and login. (Although no-registered user still can search the manufacturer library, however, after to be a membership, you could save the searched result, when you logon next time, you can directly access to your saved companies list, eliminate the step by step exploring, further more you can send e-mail directly to manufacturer for contacting.
Unregistered users should register first please, already a member, click the 'Member Login', enter your account number and password, then click 'Login' to enter.
Step 2: Go to 'My Machinetools007', click ' products of manufacturers', begin to browse the website.
Users can choose the information you need through the Auto Parts classification on the left side of the window.
Step 3: If the user needs the information of 'Handle' which belongs to 'Doors and Accessories', you can click on the handle to get related manufacturers:
Through the picture below, you can get the information of relevant manufacturers who produce the product 'Handle'. Click 'manufacturers' name', access to the page of manufacturers' introduction.
By your selection, you can add the appropriate manufacturers to Favorites, (you can directly get it from the 'Manufacturer list' on the member page when you need it next time) and click 'my Machinetools007' to enter your member page.
Step 4: There are five options on your member page: 'basic data', 'the record set', 'manufacturers list', 'modify data' and 'Change Password'; you can click on the button on the top right corner to get the detailed description of those five project.
Step 5: To see your collection of the manufacturers' information, please click on the 'manufacturers list'.
Through the picture below, you can clearly see your collection of the manufacturers' data. If there are too many collections, you can use accessories, models and manufacturers to find what you need; it will be convenient to search through the names of three ranking. If you no longer need the manufacturers' data, you can also click the delete key on the right to remove it.
If you want to contact with the manufacturers, you can send email to them. Please be sure to leave your detailed data to make sure that the manufacturers can promptly get in touch with you.
Finally, if you have any doubt, suggestions and requests with our website, you can leave us message through 'feedback', we will reply you in one working day. Thanks!
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