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NC Double Miter Cutting Band Saw
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Products Name: NC Double Miter Cutting Band Saw

Model No: 500DMA
Features Specifications:

Touch Panel NC Control.
For Frequent Change of Straight and Miter cuts Stepless. From 90 to 45 on both directions.
Programming of Length, Angles and Number of Pieces.
Automatic Movement of Vises in Conjunction With Automatic Miter Positioning Accuracy of 0.1.
Full Automatic Cutting Cycle.
The Accuracy of Hydraulic Length Feed of Material to ±0.15mm.
NC Double Miter Cutting Band Saw
Manufacturer Introduce
Product: Semi-Auto Miter Cutting Band Saws, Automatic Miter Cutting Band Saws, Automatic Column Type Band Saws, Semi-Auto Column Type Band Saws, Special Equipments
Address: No. 51, Lane 95, Donghai 1st Street, Jhubei, 30261, Hsinchu Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-5502657
Fax: 886-3-5503657
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