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Copying Lathe (8)
Vertical Milling Machine (1)
Heavy Duty Double Housing Milling Machine (3)
CNC Multi-Spindle Milling Machine (1)
Multi-Spindle Drilling Machine (3)
Double-Column 5-Face Machining Center (1)
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Shanghai Genuine Trading Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Genuine Trading Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Genuine Trading Co., Ltd.
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(NW0721)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(NW0720)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(NW0719)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(HT-G023)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(HT-G022)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(HT-G021)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(HT-G020)
Copying Lathe
  Copying Lathe(HT-G019)
Duplex Spindles Milling Machine
  Duplex Spindles Milling Machine(CBDM-550, CBDM-660)
Vertical Milling Machines
  Vertical Milling Machines(CDM-1500SD1, CDM-2000SD1)
5 Faces Machining Center
  5 Faces Machining Center(CDMC-150, CDMC-150H, CDMC-200, CDMC-200H, CDMC-250, CDMC-300)
Double Column Planing Milling Machine
  Double Column Planing Milling Machine(CP-160, CP-200)
Fixed Cross Rail Milling Machine
  Fixed Cross Rail Milling Machine(CDM-1500SL, CDM-2000SL)
Auto Air Drilling Machine
  Auto Air Drilling Machine(GLD-201)
Auto upward Multi-Spindle Tapping Machine
  Auto upward Multi-Spindle Tapping Machine
About Us
Shanghai Genuine Trading Co., Ltd. has engaged in manufacturing and international trade for many years. We can supply wide range of products such as locks, hinges, handles, drawer sliders, safety products, as well as various tools like wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, measuring and cutting tools. various of Machine product such as Metal sheet rou forming machine,food packing machine, automatism repairing machinery,metal cutting machine. New energy product such as wind power generator,solar water heater,solar battery and light. Other product such as tractor and loader,air compressor,wood working machine,garden machinery,pipe bending machinery etc.
We also accept the processing with customers drawings and samples. Our products have been sold well in Europe, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
We would like to establish long-term business-relations with customers all over world on the basis of sincere-cooperation, equality and mutual benefit. Good quality, competitive price, and satisfying service are our promises as a reliable trading partner.
Contact Us
Company Name: Shanghai Genuine Trading Co., Ltd.
Product: Copying Lathe
Address: Room 601, No.1589 Zhangyang Road
Tel: 86-21-58521692
Fax: 86-21-38821447
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